2016 LWC meeting

January 30 2016

 St. Paul Mn, Little Oven



Meeting called to order by LWC president Roger Sadecki.

Handouts distributed by Roger Sadecki. (records, last years minutes, etc). Roger ran through details of USAW site screenshot (Membership).

Motion to approve by Neil Nelson, second Jennifer Hsia.  Passed.


Members signed in. 10 voting members present. One arrived later, (near end of meeting).


Membership Report; by  Roger Sadecki,  747 members, 23 clubs;  =  members,  athlete members,  general members (some combined with athletes). technical members (coaches administrators etc). youth, junior,  senior,  masters.


Treasurer Report; Formerly Kate Henry was Treasurer, she has relocated to San Diego, MN LWC membership has lapsed. Report read by Roger S. He gave a verbal summary as to expenses & revenue, rebates from USAW, etc.  Motion to Approve made Neil N. , second by Don Witt, Treasure report passed.


Nomination Of Officers: President; Roger Sadecki

Vice -President; Daniel Foerster

Secretary; Neil Nelson

Treasurer; Jennifer Hsia,

Athlete Reps. ; Rick Phetsavong, Don Witt, Natalie Johnson.

Motion to approve list of nominations by John Drewes, second by Greg Sonnabend. Motion Passed.


MN Cup. 2015 & Records; Roger went over handout with some details. John Drewes is contributing expense money to winners.  (amounts to half total award, LWC contributes remaining half).

MN Cup Winners are;  

 Men: Nate Oelke winner; Runner-up; Tri Phu,    

 Women: Winner; Natalie Johnson,  Runner-up; Kathy Paneinh .

                 (prize is $400, Runner-up $200).

 *Please note that athlete must compete at the recognized national level events as members stated below in new business to be awarded this.


Event Schedule; by Roger S.  Discussion as to some new meets, small club meets, etc. Members & board should attend meets, help out when possible.


Hall Of Fame; Presented by  Dan Foerster on Phil Markert's behalf. This years Nominee is Jennifer McDonough. Motion to accept made by Greg Sonnabend, Second by, Neil Nelson,  HOF nominee approved.      


New Business: Discussed High School lifting program.

Discussion regarding USAW assigning LWC membership based on state of residence.

Motion made by Neil N., Second by Jennifer H. that MN LWC continue with Staus quo according to by-laws regarding membership. (until USAW pushes issue).

To be on LWC (voting member) or to lift in MN Champ  or to eligible for Mn CUP, set MN State Records.

       1) Member of club in Mn

       2) unattached - has Residence in Mn.

    Motion passed.


Motion to adjourn made by Roger S, second by Greg S.


PS; Intended to be announced at meeting, but was overlooked  - Sean Kline donated $500 to the LWC. Thank you Sean for your generosity!


Respectfully submitted, Neil Nelson - Recording Secretary.