2015 LWC meeting

January 31 2015

 St. Paul Mn, Little Oven



Meeting called to order by LWC president Roger Sadecki.

Handouts distributed by Roger Sadecki. (records, last years minutes, etc).

Members signed in.


Membership Report; by Dan Foerster:  545 members, 21 clubs = 370 members, 381 athlete members, 140 general members (some combined with athletes). 24 technical members (coaches administrators etc).

202 youth, 95 junior, 107 senior, 23 masters.

Roll Call by Dan Foerster 9 people present, 8 voting members.


2014 minutes; included in handout, also on website. Discussed some issues addressed as new business from 2014, (LWC reimburse new referee background check).

records,  opened for questions, comments, etc, Motion to approve Greg Sonnabend, 2nd by Don Witt. approved.


Treasurer Report; by Kate Henry. She gave a verbal summary as to expenses & revenue, rebates from USAW, etc. Roger S. discussed cost of medals, etc. Motion to Approve made by Don Witt, second by Neil Nelson, Treasure report passed.


By-laws; addressed by Roger Sadecki; Made some grammatical corrections to existing By-laws. A copy of the bylaws was included in the handouts,  Dated as "Revised" 1-31-2015. As the Athlete Representative for the LWC was brought up, there was discussion as to athlete membership at the national level as well. Open for questions & comments. Motion to approve by Neil Nelson, second by Greg Sonnebend & Phil Markert, Approved.


MN Cup. 2014; State Records & Mn Cup handed out. Noted that participation in events calculated in Cup are down, John Drewes is contributing expense money to winners.  MN Cup Winners are;  Men: winner; William Meacham, Runner-up; Uli Manzanilo,     Women: Winner; Natalie Johnson, Runner-up; Kate Henry. (prize is $200, Runner-up $100).

John Drewes commented that last year, only one winner claimed the prize, (based on use for competing at National events). Discussion as to how to increase participation, should LWC increase financial incentive? etc. 

Motion made Greg Sonnabend; "LWC matches John Drewes contribution in this reimbursement". second by Phil Markert, motion passed. (Standards for MN Cup will be noted on the website).

 Thank You John for what you do for this!



Event Schedule; by Roger Sadecki. May meet, both Rosemount HS & Lakeville HS want to hold qualifier for National Youth Championships.

 Discussed upcoming National Youth Championships, hosted by MN LWC. Need many volunteers to host this event!   


New Business: None.


Hall Of Fame; Presented by Phil Markert. This years Nominee is Sean Kline. Motion to accept made by Neil Nelson, Second by John Drewes, HOF nominee approved.


Motion to adjourn made by Don Witt, second by John Drewes.


Respectfully submitted, Neil Nelson - Recording Secretary.