2014 Annual meeting Minnesota LWC

Saturday January 25


Meeting called to order by Roger Sadecki.


Minutes of last annual meeting presented by Neil Nelson. Also have been on the website since last February.

Motion made to approve by Don Witt, second by Phil Markert. Approved.


Roll call by  Daniel Foerster, 13 members present.


Registration Report By Dan Foerster.  16 clubs, 1 pending. 438 members, membership up from last year.


Treasurers report presented by Kate Henry

Motion to accept made by Neil N. Second by Gregg Sonnabend,  motion approved.


Elections:  Managed by R. Sadecki. President, Vice President, Treasurer,                                                          Recording Secretary

Motion made to retain current slate of officers for 2 more years, Motion Made by Don Witt, second by John Drewes, discussion, motion approved.

Athletes reps; (three), Nominations accepted - Don Witt, Natalie Johnson, Nic Scudamore, Jared Yeomans,.

Ballots; list 3 nominees on ballot, Top three receiving votes are elected.

Athletes Reps votes counted; Natalie J. 12, Nic S. 10, Jared Y. 9, Don W. 8.  So, Athlete Reps are: Natalie J., Nick S., Jared Y.


Minnesota Cup: presented by Roger Sadecki, First place men - Charles Ssekyaaya , First place women - Natalie Johnson, Second place Men - Adam Rozmenoski, Second place Women -Elizabeth Becker

       Monetary award (from John Drewes) for use at National Event - required to attend & total.


State Records presented by R. Sadecki. Copies of State Records passed out.


Hall of Fame; 30th annual.  Athlete - Zach Krych,  Noteworthy Contributor - Chris Rousmiller.


Event Schedule; HS meets, Fall LWC Open date TBD. Discussed National schedule.


New Business: Referee clinics.

Roger presented concept of LWC paying USAW registration ($50), & background check fee ($20) for people becoming LWC referees. Issue discussed.

 Motion made by Don Witt, " LWC pay for Background Check for new referee. essentially a reimbursement ." Second by Natalie J.

vote by show of hands; tie - tie broken by President, Motion carries.


Motion to adjourn by D. Witt, Second by G. Sonnabend

Meeting Adjourned.